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      Escape Vintage Bungalow

      From:avmgames Plays:1567 Publish:2018-10-22 Size:3.76M
      vintage Bungalow

      It is such a rainy day on your birthday. Although it should have nothing to do with how you feel, you somehow feel sad about it. Plus you're here alone in a vintage bungalow away from home. You choose to stay here because it has that homey feel you wish to always have with you. Even if you're away from home, you still feel quite nice. Every thing's fine here and you can't say anything bad about the place. However, when rain falls, that's when you realize the house makes you feel like a person in a sad music video. You try to amuse yourself with reading a book, watching television, and you even sing so loud. It makes you feel a little better but still not happy yet. So you prepare puzzles for yourself and place them around the house. You then turn around and threw the key. Good luck and have fun!

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